2023 “Sponsor-a-Client” Campaign

FUNDRAISER UPDATE: We did it! $20,000 raised to support 40 unsponsored clients! THANK YOU to our donors!

Appalachian Opportunity Fund is raising $20,000 to continue providing free financial coaching to Northeast Tennessee community members. While many of our clients are already sponsored by our existing funders, we rely on community donations to keep our financial coaching services 100% free to every motivated person who needs them.

Currently, we are coaching over a dozen unsponsored clients, and we anticipate receiving at least 40 additional unsponsored clients throughout 2023. We need your help to continue coaching these community members!

The cost of sponsoring one client for 12-18 months of financial coaching is $500. Can’t make a $500 donation today? That’s okay! Small donations of $100, $50 or $20 help us reach our goal of raising $20,000. Consider making your small donation recurring to increase your impact even further!

Donate at our PayPal link below, or via check sent to:

P.O. Box 5526 Johnson City, TN 37602.